Kormaris® Kitchen Hub

"Kormaris Kitchen Hub" is a furniture design and manufacturing company, focusing on providing comprehensive solutions for home kitchens.
The logo symbol is a visualization of the basic elements of a kitchen space (furniture and appliances). 
The symbol deconstructs the image of a kitchen into abstractive geometrical forms - so that it can effectively depict the range of works and services that the company offers, from design and furniture manufacture, to the selection of electric appliances, as well as the fitting of the kitchen, delivering a new and complete finished space.

© 2023
Ateno® Cook & Deli
Located in the historic Athens downtown, Ateno® is a gastronomic destination, which combines a delicatessen offering a selection of the finest Greek food products, with fine cuisine based on these high quality ingredients.
The logo symbol was inspired by the columns of the Gate of Athena Archegetis, which lead into the Roman Agora of Athens, the epicenter of commercial and political life of the Roman Era, a central marketplace and meeting point of those times - the ruins of which are still standing in Monastiraki Square today.
The logo symbol that was designed adheres to the classical architectural order, with the diameter of the column shaft gradually narrowing towards the top, while the column grooves end up taking the shape of the tines of a fork, in a clear visual representation of a food establishment.

© 2023
Causebook advances a legacy in the publishing industry that dates back to 1933, focusing on environmentally sustainable practices while crafting luxury, high-quality notebooks.
The logo symbol we designed takes inspiration from the letters C and B of the words Cause and Book of the company brand name, which become a visual representation of the top view of a notebook.

© 2023
Gatto Nero® Cuisine
Located in the area of Spilia in Corfu since the late 19th century, "The Black Cat" is probably the oldest cafe-restaurant in the island. It was first established by the brothers Chanou on the ground floor of a historic stone four-story mansion. According to the local legends, its name is attributed to a single black cat that stepped over the foundations of the building during its construction.
For the redesign of the restaurant's logo, we selected a fork as the symbol, but the logo design offers a dual meaning. The two forks are a clear symbolism of the food sector, while their placement, symmetrically mirroring one another, is a visual representation of a cat's mustache.

© 2023
Letteres® Living Type
Parachute typefoundry is a design company specializing in visual communications and typography, as well as the creation of original functional objects which are intrinsically linked to typographic elements. As production of these one-of-a-kind design objects expanded, a new brand was warranted to house this venture. Its brand name, Letteres. 
A portmanteau of the English word Letter and Res, the Latin word for object, Letteres is a clear, succinct definition of what this company is all about.
For the company logo, a heart, symbolizing the love and passion for typography, was designed in geometric lines. As the symbol rotates at a 45-degree angle, it creates a capital L, the company initial.
For the typography, the selection of a monospaced font and capital characters signifies the prestige and dependability of the company.

© 2023

Kyr Antonis®

© 2022
Kouroupis Konstantinos Endodontist

Endodontic treatment is the removal of the contents of the pulp cavity, cleaning it and forming the root canal in a suitable shape so that to follow hermetic obturation with some biologically compatible material.

The logo symbol, the dots, visualize the root canal orifices required for endodontic treatment.

At the same time the distance between them outlines the frame of the capital letter (K) of the brand name.

In the current application of the logo, the orifices have been depicted by perforating the paper in each application of the corporate identity, realistically visualizing the occupation, endodontics.

© 2022
Toula's® Seaside
Toula’s Seaside, based in Corfu, has been active in the sector of gastronomy for 40 consecutive years.  
The symbol of the logo tells the story of this unique restaurant through three characteristic objects: on one hand the millstone connects the business with the past, as it is housed in the the old family mill that dates from 1892, while, the professional stove promotes the cuisine and consequently the gastronomy, and the steering wheel of the ship the knowledge, the experience as well as the unique journey in taste that the restaurant offers.

© 2021

Kamares® Multivenue
'Kamares Multivenue' is based in the green meadow of Kythera. Inspiration for the symbol of this unique multi-space was the historic stone bridge of Cantouni, built by the English in 1826.
The deconstruction and recompositing of the architectural elements of the bridge led to the creation of the geometric shape of a crown, visualizing the excellent quality of all raw materials, as well as the services provided by the business.

© 2021
Lavranos® Delimeat
The Lavranos Delimeat is a high-quality meat and deli products’ business. A rooster was selected for the symbol of the logo, to visualize the positive and optimistic start of the day and, in addition, to suggest the pride that comes from the quality of the products and services provided by the company.

© 2021
Paschalas® Olive Oil
The Paschalas Olive Oil company specialises in the cultivation of olive trees and the creation of products related to olives. Inspiration for the symbol of the company logo was “the comb”, a tool used in the harvesting of the olives, indicating the personal care that exists from the first moment of this olive oil’s production. This symbol, however, has a double meaning semantically, as it resembles a crown. It thus symbolizes the exceptional quality of the olive oil, as a result of the entire production process, from picking to consumption. The gold color of the logo refers to the color of the olive oil.

© 2021
Louter® Essentials
The company Louter Essentials is active in the fashion industry and specifically in bathroom items. Its name is inspired by the ancient baths which, in addition to being a place for personal care, were also a focal center for meetings and communication. Music and the liquid element refer to the human senses. Music, which in Ancient Greece had a leading role in education, denotes peacefulness and relaxation and is symbolized by the lyre. The liquid element is symbolized by the fountain, the reference point of the company’s products, while at the same time it expresses the social aspect of the baths and also the timelessness and classic value which constitute part of its philosophy. The designing of the logo symbol was based on the character of the printing types. The chosen colors are soft and exude elegance.

© 2020
Redens® Dentalab
Dental technology is the focus of this Dental Laboratory’s work. The name was created by the Latin word "dens" than means “tooth” and the prefix "re" indicating reconstruction. The logo is based on the typographic characters of the name ''Redens'' and the descriptive subtitle ''Dentalab''. The characters of the two words follow two paths: the title follows the upper jaw and the descriptive subtitle the lower, thus inventively visualizing the oral cavity, with the grammatical characters playing the role of teeth.
The logo is symmetric, geometric and centrifugal. Τhe different typographic weights separate the title from the subtitle so they are both immediately recognizable. The logo indicates that the laboratory undertakes the design and manufacture of all kinds of dental prosthetics of the oral cavity. The target audience of the dental laboratory is dentists, so the color palette chosen is mild and directly related to the medical field.

© 2020
Terrago® Construction
Terrago is a construction company. The name "Terrago" derives from the Latin words Terra/Earth and Ago/Build. The symbol of the logo is based on geometry and depicts the initial letter of the company’s name which, with the development of its right acronym, suggests a roof and an excavator. The solid typography chosen refers to heavy constructions, while the dynamic combination of the selected colors (dark gray and yellow), indicates attention and danger.

© 2020
Dope® Roasting Co.
Dope® Roasting is a company specialising in the production, serving and distribution of fresh coffee. Semantically, the logo symbol can be interpreted both as a cup of coffee with the geometric form of a raw coffee bean and with the register mark suggesting a handle and as a coffee roasting grinder where the granules are cooled, as seen from above. In a 90-degree rotation the symbol forms a 'D', the first letter of the company, while the width of the fonts chosen equals that of the symbol. Lastly, the corporate colours are inspired by the shades of the different coffee roasts.

© 2019
Paraty® Nature
Paraty® Nature creates lingerie and underwear made of natural, soft and breathable fabrics, especially designed for sensitive skin and women who have had cosmetic -or other- surgery.
The logo symbol is inspired by the Letterhead “P” of the company name, which is used twice, with the two letters facing each other, symbolizing its two owners. This dual P is then rotated by 180 degrees in order to visually create the shape of a bra, main product of the company. The colour palette is mild and earthy, based mainly on pastel shades.

© 2019
Kallistefi® Olive Gems
The company specializes in the trade of olive oil and olive products. The name is inspired by ancient history and, particularly, by the wild olive tree, which the ancient Greeks called "kallistefanos", from the branches of which the honorary wreath "kotinos" was made, in order to crown the winners of the Olympic Games. The logo visualizes the geometric shape of a wreath containing the branch and fruit of an olive tree.

© 2019
iDentical® Premium Care
The symbol of the logo was inspired by the oral cavity, since the clinic specializes in therapies that provide complete oral rehabilitation with dental implants, dental crowns, dental bridges and more. The logo symbol is geometric, symmetrical and harmonious. The inner geometric shapes visualize the upper and lower jaw bones, while the outer shape visualizes the lips. In addition, the closed outer shape semantically refers to the integrated care offered by iDentical. The colors of the logo are pastel blue and pink, inspired by the colour of the gums.

© 2019
Hoocut® True Pitta
The naming was created from the combination of the word "hook" and, in this case, the hook from which the meat is cut, and the word "cut". The descriptor “True Pitta” highlights the actual product, which is the Greek pita wrap. The symbol of the logo visualizes the pita wrap in a geometric form. The typography chosen is Stencil, with a clear reference to cutting.

© 2018
Sway® Bar & Kitchen

© 2018

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